Story Collection Coat
This coat has a variety of pockets for picking up forgotten or misplaced items. After being carefully catalogued, the item is placed in a pocket in the collection coat. The pocket coat can accommodate up to eight different objects at once. I wore this coat around town multiple days, and collected all sorts of objects with it. 
Reasoning Series
This project took the same white t-shirt and explored the proposed reasons why people wear what they wear.
(L to R)
Personal Expression, Utility, Conformity, Physical Identity and Gender Expression
Environment Reflection Coat
This coat, made from recycled reflective material, was patterned off of Poiret's cocoon coats from the 1920s. In nighttime environments, the light reflected off the coat, making the wearer feel at home. In a coffee shop (seen below) the same coat is disruptive and misplaced.
A video exploration of how clothing material can effect  and disrupt the environment spatially, audibly, and visually. 
Foil Cocoon Coat
Reconstructed Reveal Shirt
More exploration of clothing that is affected by, and affects the environment it is in. 
Silver Station Coat- Designed specifically for the gas station by my apartment.
Foil Skirt- A clothing item that visibly displays the damage that clothing goes through every day.
Sting Skirt
This skirt fabric was designed and printed by me, based off of designer Edith Head's work on The Sting. The fabric was printed using UV light sensitive ink.
Cotton Padding Dress
I took 135 cotton pads and transformed them into a beautiful dress. This material, while originally intended for industrial packaging, has many connections to periods. I was determined to make something beautiful out of a material that often people would rather not think about or see. 
Reader's Di-dress
A closeup of a dress I made from Reader's Digest illustrations. I loved the color and the pulpy illustration styles, and wanted to showcase that. 
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